it’s ‘bots-a-poppin’ today!

We are blessed by an abundance of creative and silly energy among our sphere of friends.

The invitation to our friend Flannery’s recent birthday included the recommendation that gifts were not necessary, apart from anything fun found on the sidewalk.

(This is how we roll, too. My partner and I were each huge fans of the found object, long before we were introduced to the totally wonderful Found Magazine, or, to each other for that matter.)

So, as we were making way by foot to the party, I stumbled across a pressed / molded paper fiber box insert. My best guess is that it was dunnage to protect wine bottles. I thought that if held with the longest side going vertically, it kinda sorta looked rather rib cagey. It was cool. I thought so anyway, had a hunch that Flannery might too, it was completely unsullied by any manner of hobo mung, so I grabbed it.

The picture above arrived in my inbox. This looks to be a small, cut-out portion of the entire tray (Flannery? are there MORE of these fabulous robot heads?) from which a totally badass robot head has been fashioned.

I’m thrilled that she appears to have genuinely enjoyed our gift. She is pretty easy to shop for, though.

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Freelance writer with a strong pull towards environmental matters (water issues especially) that remains fueled by my study of and early-career practice in geology and hydrology. Music, food, dogs, current/political events, and visual arts combine to command much of the portion of attention not ceded to ecological concerns. Also Monty Python. I've sold a few pieces of original art and have made cab fare home playing saxophone. Native Mainah

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