set list: steely dan, greek theater, berkeley ca, 26 july 2008

intro vamp–title unknown

everyone’s gone to the movies (instrumental)

the fez (instrumental)

(df & wb join the band on stage)

royal scam

i got the news

show biz kids

everything you did

two against nature

hey nineteen


new frontier

glamour profession


home at last

parker’s band

black friday



(edit / note: between aja and peg, band played a 60’s era-seeming r&b number featuring the backing vocalists. very nice. not a clue what the song was. so sorry. )

(edit 2: stumbled across a review of the show in the San Jose paper online edition.  tune in question is listed there as “Love is Like an Itching in My Heart,” a 1966 Supremes ditty. I was close to target, but am feeling a bit sheepish for having been completely stumped by a Supremes tune… )


kid charlemagne


third world man

do it again


may came back later with a few comments on this terrific show that unfolded on a simply perfect bay area evening. for now, just a notes dump on the set list.

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One thought on “set list: steely dan, greek theater, berkeley ca, 26 july 2008

  1. I kind of feel like the second song before they came on stage was Green Earrings. I remember hearing that. Although it could have been after Donald and Walter left the stage too. I just seem to remember hearing that. I could be wrong though.. Thanks for the set list.

    [ dmb edit: Hi Chris, thanks for dropping in.

    I kind of feel like the second song before they came on stage was Green Earrings.

    I can’t say that you didn’t hear that correctly. In my notebook, I jotted down a quick note thinking that they’d woven in a really quick (maybe 8-bar) Booker T quote during the instrumental openings. And I also noted that there was also a passage that sounded to me familiar but decidedly re-worked, as they’re wont to do for live shows. There could very well have been a cleverly masked nugget of Green Earrings tossed into that instumental mix that I did not catch. SJ Merc News review set list also ID’d it as The Fez, but there was other stuff going on in that arrangement, for sure.]

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