freshly b’rude

I follow politics pretty closely. And I’m capable of saying astonishingly bad-taste, sailor-blushing, downright filthy things. As such, The Rude Pundit is very close to my heart.

I’ve linked in the right margin to the Rude One’s site. If your political sensibilities lean left, and if your tolerance for off-color metaphor knows few if any bounds, I am pleased to recommend his site with enthusiasm. If either or both of the above are not the case, please discard my recommendation, as you will not enjoy it one bit.

Anyhow, in a brief reflection upon the political event that was last night’s VP debate, RP opines that

Just because one does not toss shit at people for a couple of hours does not mean one is not a monkey.

I really don’t have much to add to that, and, really, what’s needed?

As a tangent, I take note of the definition of prehensile to include: adapted for seizing, grasping, or holding, especially by wrapping around an object.

A talking point is a kind of object, yes?

UPDATE–fresh rudeness

Newer, longer reflection on last night’s debate just got posted, and his closing thought includes an analogy that is very, very close to an observation I made within the past couple weeks in a comment I posted on a political blog. RP says:

You know what? Forget it. The Rude Pundit’s disgusted talking about this nothing, this nobody, this perfect amalgamation of Machiavelli and Chauncey Gardiner.

I’d previously offered an observation that she embodies the absolute worst aspects of both Bush and Cheney. I think my precise words were Bush’s haughty vapidity meeting Cheney’s sado-Machiavellian je ne sais quoi.

Not too completely far off.

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About dave bois

Freelance writer with a strong pull towards environmental matters (water issues especially) that remains fueled by my study of and early-career practice in geology and hydrology. Music, food, dogs, current/political events, and visual arts combine to command much of the portion of attention not ceded to ecological concerns. Also Monty Python. I've sold a few pieces of original art and have made cab fare home playing saxophone. Native Mainah

2 thoughts on “freshly b’rude

  1. Cool blog. Glad to have finally learned about this.

    I’m a big Rude Pundit fan myself. In fact, a couple of years ago he was good enough to reply to an e-mail I sent soliciting his advice/reaction to some government visitor traffic (CIA, as I recall) I had been getting at this little haiku blog I had for about 15 minutes. After reassuring me it was probably automated crawler traffic and nothing to worry about, he complimented the blog and offered to post a link if I managed to keep it current for six months.

    Six months…bwahahaha. As I quickly discovered, having to regularly spout shit when, in fact, I’ve nothing meaningful to contribute is just waayyyyy beyond my gumption threshold.

    Call me indolent, but I say we can’t all be Sarah Palin.

    [ dmb edit: many thanks for the visit and the happy bread crumbs. cia, eh? wow. that is equal parts unnerving and badge of honor. one might think that they’d immediately know to wave off attention to a haiku blog and focus on more pressing matters … what’s the best way to say: eat it, you facist assclowns in five-seven five?

    >> As I quickly discovered, having to regularly spout shit when, in fact, I’ve nothing meaningful to contribute is just waayyyyy beyond my gumption threshold.

    that’s the rub, innit then. the regularity is tough. i think that i’m just starting to break down the critical obstacle, which is to say, i’m starting to own the meaninglessness. let my banality flag fly with impunity. if something meaningful results, why, hell, that there’s a big dollop of digital gravy! mmmm…gravy! else, avoid hanging on the need for it to be of any import. if people drop by, and show some love, that’s great! borrowing from the lexicon of the rude one though, i am just beginning to learn how to not give a big fat wet monkey fuck about those who don’t. best, dave

  2. Well, I for one, love you, and it’s the way you express your meaningless drivel that keeps me coming back every time my Reader says “HE POSTED!!”

    And now I have Rude Pundit on my Reader. Loved him. Great stuff. Thanks for the intro.

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