everything’s coming up milhouse

First this:

The former US Senator and Northern Ireland envoy George Mitchell has been appointed as Middle East envoy by new US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

I’m a very biased, and very proud native central Mainer, but that aside, this is a fantastic choice. Obama’s rolling out the A team early—this is a very clear (and I suspect to be globally well-received) signal that the new administration is serious about diplomacy. This is adults taking over.

Now this: Lagunitas Brewing Company’s “Hairy Eyeball” has just made its seasonal return to local shelves.

So long as the universe is tossing out happy surprises today, I’d be thrilled if a mid-40’s vintage Conn 10M tenor would magically appear on my doorstep.

Or a peanut butter cookie would work just fine. No drama.


One thought on “everything’s coming up milhouse

  1. Love Sen. Mitchell – one of the most under-rated politicians that we’ve seen in our lifetime. He has also done tons to help Maine.


    [dmb edit: thanks, Dan. Waterville representin’ !!

    Mitchell’s long been one of my political heroes; I can still picture him taking that reptile-brained dollop of protoplasm Oliver North to school on matters of patriotism during the Iran-Contra hearings. I’m just thrilled that he’s down for yet more service to the country, especially in light of how keenly suited he is for the challenges assigned to him. ]

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