hydros fear

We’re a scant 10% of the way into 2009, and indications of widespread concerns with freshwater supply are clearly evident.  A front page open thread on Daily Kos links to a brief roundup in the Albequerque Journal of the current roster of global water woes.

Fears of rising death toll as parched Australia burns. Drought emergency in China, spurring an uptick in wheat futures. Kenya. Texas. And of course, out here in California.

I am anticipating water to be a recurring theme in global news. No further editorialization on my part is necessary.

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About dave bois

Freelance writer with a strong pull towards environmental matters (water issues especially) that remains fueled by my study of and early-career practice in geology and hydrology. Music, food, dogs, current/political events, and visual arts combine to command much of the portion of attention not ceded to ecological concerns. Also Monty Python. I've sold a few pieces of original art and have made cab fare home playing saxophone. Native Mainah

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