the spheres are in commotion, the elements in harmony

A very recent pair of actions from a very busy White House strike me as hanging nicely together and certainly as worthy of a brief note.

One just generally underlines how continually grateful I am that the adults have taken over. It relates to the fact that this administration stands firmly against the politicization of science, will harness rather than hinder research, and will use bleeding edge findings to inform policy as opposed to filtration and editing that cynically forces results to appear to line up with an ideological agenda. Sea change kind of stuff. The specific matter relates to undoing the ban on funding of stem cell research–terribly important, and long overdue–and if you like your analysis to run a bit blue, check out the Rude Pundit’s brief discussion of the matter. Mad props for the take down of that snivelling little worm Charles Krauthammer therein.

Extra nice, on top of that, if you happened to catch it, was Nancy Reagan’s immediate and unequivocal statement of support for the decision. Eat that, science-fearing, anti-intellectual right wing clown-wanks.

A second development involves Obama’s selecting someone from right here in Oakland, CA to advise on matters he is uniquely suited to provide insight and leadership. I have elsewhere shared my sense of appreciation and amazement at the work and ideas of Van Jones (twice, no less!), and am simply delighted that Obama has asked Jones to advise his administration on matters relating to green jobs creation.

It’s one small but very important step toward killing the failed meme that environment and economy are at cross purposes, a deeply flawed construct that continues to govern so much of what we do and how we do it in spite of its being well past its freshness date.


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