Stupid, hair-brained, cretinous policy proposal.

I’m not quite as fired up about the matter owing to privacy issues (although it’s a completely valid basis for concern). Instead, I find the unwelcome trial baloons for a tax based on miles driven to be irretrievably stupid policy for different reasons.

A proposal to chart global warming gases from California cars and trucks by requiring motorists to report odometer readings during annual vehicle registrations is meeting resistance from those worried about drivers’ privacy.

[ … ]

Skinner’s bill would require motorists to report mileage in a new box on vehicle registration forms, enabling the state to track miles driven over years.

No. Just no.

Any additional , and/or newly structured taxes need to head in a carbon-based direction. I have yet to hear an argument in favor of a mileage-based tax that isn’t worthy of ridicule and derision. The “wear and tear” argument is completely unconvincing (particularly in the absence of data), but  if that is their concern, then it stands to reason that a three ton behemoth will be harder on the roads than a lighter, more efficient vehicle. Said behemoth, which will most likely never even come close to 20 mpg could (and in fact SHOULD) bear the accrued tax burden more appropriately through a tax on the greater amount of gasoline it will necessarily burn through.

Mileage tax. Stupid policy proposal brought to you by complete galoots who want to remove rewards for energy efficiency.


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