the internet’s still kinda cool


A good friend of mine sent me an email a few days ago, and attached to it was a jpeg of some handwritten notes that saxophonist Steve Lacy had taken during his time working with Thelonious Monk. It was a double delight, first in that my friend caught this, liked it, knew I would too, and sent it along, but second that this is something that I had come across independently a month or so ago on a really outstanding and intelligent jazz blog that I enjoy.

Here’s this deliciously cryptic document, field notes from inside the band setting of one of the jazz world’s most groundbreaking and unconventional figures, dating from 1960 no less, brought to the light of day and making the rounds decades later at light speed.

Friggin’ cool.

2 thoughts on “the internet’s still kinda cool”

  1. many thanks. i’m glad to put that one on your radar screen–i stumbled across it pretty recently, and i think it’s simply excellent.

    my only beef with it is that the home page is stacked very deep with posts (several weeks / months worth), and many of these have embedded vid clips. it’s way too data rich for our clunky rig’s enfeebled processor to load, and often times it’ll bog down irretrievably to the point where i have to open up yet another can of force quit. apart from that frustration, it’s among the best strictly-jazz personal blogs i’ve encountered. intelligent and very well-written.

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