just a wee nugget of synchronicity

Earlier today, I introduced my previous post, which served to link over to my most recent article at Tonic News, with this quickly peeled off (but still, sincerely felt) observation:

It’s a simple equation, really: the manner in which we view and act upon the natural world is necessarily reflective of the state of consciousness that we as individuals (and as groups of various size up to and including the entirety of the human condition) have attained, work with, and bring to the party.

On my way back from work, I grabbed a freebie copy of Common Ground magazine, and while the BART ride back to Oakland was still predictably standing room only by the time it got to Embarcadero, I was able to find quality leaning space allowing me to flip through it, and I was pleased to have found an article therein by Daniel Pinchbeck, a writer / thinker who has come to my attention fairly recently.

He begins his essay, Building a Scaffold for Social Change, with this:

For the most part, the mainstream media and federal government still treat the economic collapse as something that can be fixed, so that economic growth can resume in a few years. But some commentators are beginning to realize that our meltdown represents a deeper and more permanent paradigm shift. The physical environment can no longer withstand the assaults of our industrial culture. We are experiencing a termination of capitalism as we have known it, a shutdown recently dubbed “The Great Disruption” by Thomas Friedman, in The New York Times. Until recently a leading cheerleader for Neoliberal globalization, Friedman has come to the late realization “that the whole growth model we created over the last 50 years is simply unsustainable economically and ecologically and that 2008 was when we hit the wall.” The longer the general population is allowed to remain in denial about what is happening, the more dire the probable consequences, such as widespread famine, civil unrest and a disintegration of basic services.

A couple solid paragraphs follow, and the next starts off thus:

What blocks real efforts at social transformation is the current level of human consciousness.

I was grateful for the signpost indicating that, while I have no clue exactly where it is I’m heading, it’s the correct direction.

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