tee hee hee bagging

I should have left it alone and let it pass quietly, but insofar as I lack capacity to help myself, I did “go there” in my most recent Tonic News contribution.

Up until the middle part of this past week, there certainly was plenty of talk around tea and teabags. Even after I had passed the point of annoyance with it all, my inner sophomoric galoot remained at least mildly amused.

News flash: people don’t like paying taxes. Whoa, Nelly. Stop the presses.

I could not help but react with a combination chuckle-snort during the Wednesday April 15th broadcast of the “Rachel Maddow Show,” during which she observed that the lion’s share of the Tax Day tea protests appeared to have taken place in public parks; and that the public safety of the participants in same appeared to have been facilitated by police and EMTs. It’s a fair guess that such facilities and services were not paid for by private, out-of-pocket donations.

Nobody gets all stemmy and bits-atingle at paying taxes. But I felt it worth noting the pisser panoply of energy and environmental initiatives that were woven into the stim package. It’s good stuff. And it’s about friggin’ time.


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