the sonic as tonic

My introduction to, and strongest association with Fortean Times magazine goes back a dozen years: an advertisement in the back pages for a bumper sticker that read, in uber tripped-out, wavy letters: “hey glue sniffer, look at my tentacles” remains a hallmark moment in Things I Find Funny.

Reacquainted only recently with them through their online edition, a news headline caught my eye and / but linked me over to MSNBC, a decidedly non fortean site in my estimation.

No matter. This is an exceptionally cool article that explores the physiological, and more particularly the therapeutic responses to listening to music.

Doctors are increasingly studying — and employing — the physiological dance music does with the body’s neurons and blood-carrying cells.“We’re in the infancy,” said Dr. Ali Rezai, director of the Center for Neurological Restoration at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic. During a surgery called deep brain stimulation — performed while patients with Parkinson’s disease are awake — Rezai and his team play classical compositions and measure the brain’s response to those notes. “We know music can calm, influence creativity, can energize. That’s great. But music’s role in recovering from disease is being ever more appreciated.”

I love this story on multiple levels.

Not the least of these is that, to my mind anyway, we’re witness here to serious work, in traditional science, that pulls undeniably in a direction toward the spirit.

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