confessions of an errant blogger

Oh, my, whould you just *look* at the time?

My last entry, itself the first in awhile, was in early June, and here we are on the threshhold of September. Fruit flies like bananas.

My overriding purpose in setting up shop here a year ago was to provide an outlet for my need to write–not anything in particular, but just to have a go-to place to make it happen.

Since then, to my continued surprise, delight, and good fortune, a twice a month contract writing assignment developed into a far more robust requirement for submissions twice a DAY. I’ve neither felt the need for any additional writing outlet, nor, really, have I had the time to seek one out.

That’s not to say I’m keen to pull the plug on IESE, but I will need to give some thought for the ways in which I can keep it going. The science news writing at Tonic continues to be very rewarding, and, yes, time consuming, but it does not by any means exhaust all topics of potential interest to me.

With luck, my current musings will uncover a nice mental map for how I can toss stuff up here more often than I have of late while I’ve been acclimating to my new duties.