a serving suggestion to the usgs: artists will dig your stuff too

One of the bits of science news that caught my attention — and I had good company, the national media ran the story as well — was the recent announcement by the Census for Marine Life regarding the abundance and variety of life that thrives in very deep (as in up to 3 miles deep) water, where pressures are enormous and sunlight is unknown.

I saw something incredibly cool on the COML website that was beyond the scope of my short article, but it stuck with me: COML identifies and partners with artists in recognition of the creative community as an interested stakeholder in the outcome of the information produced by this vast cataloging of marine life. For sure, scientists, educators, fisheries managers, and the like are obvious choices for constituents of these data, but the expressed mention of artists was fascinating and wonderful.

When later that day I came across a US Geological Survey press release regarding the public availability of a huge cache of Landsat imagery, once I saw the actual images and read who they (the USGS) identify as target audiences, I made an immediate connection. These images are deeply beautiful; and the USGS left artists off their list.

I dropped them a brief note suggesting that they broaden their view, just a bit, and included links to COML to illustrate the point.

The means, methods, and makings of the scientist and those of the artist differ wildly. But the artist and the scientist certainly share in common a drive to observe, interpret, and explain the mysteries and workings of the world.

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