this is what i was thinking about yesterday…

…when I wrote about the inspiration that members of the creative community might find in these Landsat images. The natural world has long been a font of inspiration; it would make sense that new ways of looking at the natural world (to wit: Landsat imagery) would be highly germane to someone's creative work.

a couple points:

1) a totally valid argument exists that these images stand very nicely on their own, unadulterated, as sufficiently beautiful just as they are;

2) posting these pics is not an exercise in delusion regarding any mad ninja skills in photoshop on my part. i have an extremely tiny bag of tricks in image processing and editing.

but my broader point from yesterday stands: i can not be alone in finding meaning in and inspiration from these images on a level beyond the technical data they provide, critical though those are.

and i really believe that a very humble little bit of outreach to the arts community by the usgs on this stuff would go a long way.

(note: original landsat image of sawtooth and millard fires via usgs accompanied by photoshop edited versions 1 and 2)

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