yosemite sampling

Jeez Louise. I've lived in the Bay Area for just shy of a decade, and it took me until just yesterday to make my way to Yosemite National Park to get an eyeful for myself. Long overdue but terrific day trip for Daryn and me.

In spite of it being a moist Monday, there was still plenty of activity, although thankfully it was a far cry from the parking lot-esque traffic jams that I've often heard to characterize the park on pleasant weekends. The waterfalls, which typically run dry by August, were in fine form as the mountain snow melt proceeds (several rather extensive looking pockets of snow remained visible on the forest floor during the ascending drive up to the park).

The upshot of the gray and otherwise dreary weather conditions was that the lighting was ideal for photography, even, as in my case, if what you have in tow for snapping pictures is attached to a keychain.

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