c’est cheese


our two boys

say hi, butters!

new kitten in the house.

the shelter had dubbed him "captain," but i took a look at the coloring and immediately thought: butterscotch.

butters, for short.

in the morning you go gunning for the man who stole your water

Two months in, it’s crystal clear that we have one clever little seven-month-old dog on our hands.

Daryn reported after I got back from work last night that Sam had earlier in the day been inexplicably and repeatedly scratching at the bathroom door, and then looking back at him.

After a few minutes, D. discovered that Sam’s water dish was not on the floor where it usually is, but was instead sitting on top of the counter next to the sink.

Having decided that it was 5:00 somewhere and therefore time for a drink, Sam had apparently been looking around for his water dish to no avail, and devised a backup plan to draw attention to where he knew water might be procured.