Going Mobile / this is only a test

Move along, nothin’ to see here …

( yet … )

This is a first stab at basic blog posting via phone.

Not that I’ve been doing much (which is to say: any) blogging from the laptop of late, but I decided to reserve the right to post from the road should inspiration strike during our upcoming two weeks away to Scotland, Amsterdam, and Paris.

For no good reason other than to see how it pans out, here’s a picture:


This is our friends’ (Noah and Andy) dog Kala. Excellent snout presentation, no?

Continuity be damned – here’s a second completely unrelated pic:


That’s a weeks-ago, then work-in-progress shot of the paper / cardboard masks that D and I made for our Burning Man camp mates.

Fingers crossed that what pans out after i hit publish looks decent enough. If yes, watch this space during the first half of October.